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The truth is when I was younger I was very quiet.I had to learn the hard way that being silent gets you nowhere most of the time.I would have never married my wife if I was quiet and listened to someone else tell me.I played the background so much in my life but I always wanted to be out front but I believed that it wasn't the place for me how many of you felt or felt the same way?

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The funny thing is when I played basketball I turned into a different person I wasn't quiet my real personality come out. That should have been a clue to me right there because I was a pretty good player and I know it so I felt comfortable expressing myself in the court. Fast forward to right now I know I'm a good speaker when it comes to things I'm passionate & knowledgeable about. I started my clothing brand Camera God clothing back in May 2020 and I thought all I needed was some dope designs and I would get sales and the brand would blow up.I was fucking wrong big time it's not about your designs or your website or Facebook ads or Instagram ads it's about you and your story which makes your brand. That's when I really start to try and understand what makes a good personal brand and how the hell you even get started on the process of building one. Thats when I realized if I'm having trouble with this issue how many others are also and what the people who are just unaware of the importance of a personal brand and they need someone like me to explain it to them. My mission is to help as many people as I can build their personal brands. The Camera God Community is where we will sharpen our skills and help each other improve ourselves.

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